Waikaukau Node Self-Installed Ubiquity-brand Receiver

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After your purchase, you will instantly get access to the password to the WiFi station known as:

ISP.FUNK.NZ 1dollaPerDayFlatRate

BSSID of 68:72:51:7E:97:D1
Waikaukau Rd Nanostation M2
Waikaukau Rd Nanostation M2

Do you already own a piece of Ubiquity networking equipment compatible with the Airmax spec?

Buying this install will get you instant access to the WiFi password of the Nanostation M2 that BTNISP (Better Than Nothing ISP) is using for the genesis of it’s crazy mesh-network core WISP being setup currently.

Do not purchase this if you can not already see ISP.FUNK.NZ as an access point to connect to. Specially, it should read ISP.FUNK.NZ 1dollaPerDayFlatRate and have a BSSID of 68:72:51:7E:97:D1. Buying this product will give you the password to it, but you will eventually need to purchase an account using a different system. That would be the system at but don’t worry about that just yet.



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