Waikaukau Glen Eden Node CPE Deluxe Install in Glen Eden

Includes a M2 Nanostation Loco installed and configured to connect to Better Than Nothing Internet in Glen Eden, West Auckland. Thanks to Althea networks for the very nice artwork rooftop-install illustration appropriated for this product hero shot. Althea is a an innovative blockchain based ISP mesh-network. Check them out.

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This is a full install where we will visit your house, climb on the roof and install a Ubiquity station pointing at our POP in Waikaukau road. A cable will come into your house and plug into your existing internet router (not included). Includes configuration of your existing router. You would need to already be able to see this network:

ISP.FUNK.NZ 1dollaPerDayFlatRate

BSSID of 68:72:51:7E:97:D1

If you’d rather install it yourself, and see our BYO Self-Install product for the password.

Waikaukau Rd Nanostation M2
Waikaukau Rd Nanostation M2


This is a CPE (customer premises equipment) install is where Tomachi Corp sends an installer (Tom Atkinson) to climb on your roof, and install an exterior radio antenna to your site (presumably a house or similar building with line of sight to 4 Waikaukau road). It only requires one ethernet cable, which also carries power, and includes the router unit and cable that would have to be then plugged into your existing network and configured.


Is ISP.FUNK.NZ WiFi network visible?

If you can see an SSID with containing our wifi-only marketing campaign redirect domain ISP.FUNK.NZ then you are close enough to our network core to become customer number 2. I am customer 1. My name is Tom aka Tomachi the drummer (tomachi.tv and funk.co.nz).

We require the use of beautiful American designed Ubiquity equipment for the backhaul links primarily due to it’s use of precisely timed radios that use GPS Synchronization. Precise GPS frame synchronization enables co-located airFiber X and airMAX radios to transmit and receive data without interfering with each other, enabling better frequency reuse and increased network stability.

Additional information

Wireless station type

LiteBeam 5AC, M2 Nanostation, NanoStation Loco M2 $87, LiteBeam LBE-M5-23 $90, NanoStation Loco 5AC $91, NanoStation Loco M5 $107, LiteBeam LBE-5AC-Gen2 $114, NanoStation NSM5 $141, NanoStation NSM2 $141, airCube ACB-5AC Home Wi-Fi Indoor Access Point $134, NanoStation NSM2 $141, NanoStation NSM5 $141, PowerBeam PBE-M5-300, PowerBeam PBE-M2-400 $143, i-BULLET M2 $145, LiteAP ac LAP-120, PowerBeam PBE-M5-400, NanoBeam NBE-5AC $175, 16dBi 900 MHz YAGI Antenna $192, 30dBi RocketDish RD-5G $194, 26 dBi Long Range Antenna LTU-LR 5GHz $194, 25 km PowerBeam PBE-5AC-Gen2 $200


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