This is the price we are targetting to be able to offer for VDSL/Fibre on 30 day terms, with a permanently low price.

This is achieved by slowing the connection down.

New Zealand’s Ultrafast Broadband project is now complete; yet the average price of internet access is still incredibly high.

Join the waitlist and lookup your address.

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Launching late 2020~2021

subject to demand – we need about 200 customers to launch this innovative new ISP







site under construction – launching July 2020

Slowest ‘net in Aoteroa!

In order to achieve this price point… naturally we had to sacrifice the bandwidth quite a lot! But it will use burst and rolling averaging.

Bring your own router

Save money – bring your old router. We can help you configure it over the phone, you know, visit etc. Alternatively, buy one of over priced ones pre-configured and good to go!

Pay What You Feel It’s Worth

Our pricing is under construction.


Site Under Construction

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