To provide the initially about 200 households (and later hopefully much more! this is a startup) primary connection via fibre ONT or ADSL/VDSL router… rather than a PRICE I would like Chorus to provide me with a SPEED for the following price brackets:

  1. abuse band $14.00 0.6 Mbps example CIR Bitstream.
  2. throttle band $21.00 0.9 Mbps example CIR Bitstream
  3. socialist band $28.00 1.2 Mbps example CIR Bitstream <— THIS SHOULD BE AVAILABLE VIA FIBRE
  4. middle band $34.00 1.8 Mbps example CIR Bitstream

Band 1 would be for defaulting and abuse customers.
Band 2 I would could potentially resell for $29/month if I only allow ~30 to 50 GB cap say (depends a lot on my uplink)
Band 3 I would resell for $38/month (this could have a more reasonable cap)
Band 4 I would resell for $45/month (easily 155 GB* can fit inside here I would say)
I suggest the top two are ~VDSL speeds, with the bottom two can be very low – 4 megabits? 1 megabit? I’m not too concerned frankly, after all my ISP is going to be called:
Better Than Nothing Internet (yet to buy domain)
PS the cheapest primary fibre price I would find was:
CHORUS wholesale price $40.50 2.5 Mbps CIR Bitstream
this is far too high to offer say – $30/month connection to low-income users.
* 155GB is average user data use per month. Source:
Tomachi Corporation Ltd
– I am sole director and would also be the sole employee of ISP. I will do everything, including the logo I designed last night!